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Monday, 24 October 2016

Italian Dream

I've been reminded on Facebook that it's a year since Gail and I visited the Italian region of Tuscany.

We went on a ten day holiday with six other people and visited several places like Florence, Arezzo and Siena.

It was a bit of a road trip and brilliant fun it was too. We were in two minibuses, and we shared ours with two other photographers. Which was great, as they perfectly understood why I was taking a photo of a rusty lock.

This castle is in the small town of Radicofani. You get some great views of the area from the top. We also got to meet the mayor of the town and had a group photograph by the statue of Ghino di Tacco, who was their version of Robin Hood.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Have They Got A Clue?

I happen to be talking to a guy at work the other day who told me he was in a band, and would be playing at The Hop Pole in Chilwell on Saturday Night.

He said that they had played at Oxjam last week, and so would be making a return appearance.

Unfortunately I missed their set last Saturday night, so I said that I would pop down and see what they are like and perhaps take a few snaps of them in action.

The Cluedo Club are a covers band that perform good versions of classic rock songs. Amongst the ones I heard were Hendrix's 'Hey Joe', 'All or Nothing' by the Small Faces, and 'Sharp Dressed Man' by ZZ Top.

It was certainly strange seeing my coworker singing and playing bass, rather than him undertaking his usual duties.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

It Is The Season, Turn, Turn, Turn

Cycling back from shopping in Beeston this morning, I was pleased to still see the sun and a blue sky, even though we are rapidly heading towards winter, and the cold and those early dark nights.

Moving up one of the roads towards our house, I just had to stop to take a photo of this wonderful tree with its red and orange leaves, gently being kissed by the sunlight.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Italian Stallion

I had reason to take my Fiat 500 to the dealership today. Fortunately nothing too drastic or expensive.

While I was waiting for the return of my vehicle, I noticed an original 500, left hand drive too. It's in almost new condition, and according to the registration plate, made in 1971.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Lunchtime Sunshine

My lunchtime stroll today took me through the Lace Market. A lovely sunny, autumnal day.

I decided to try out one of my vintage manual lenses, as I've not had a play with one for a while.

Here is St Mary's Church, bathed in sunshine, surrounded by some of the trees that are in the ancient churchyard.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Watch The Birdie

A new event has arrived in the Old Market Square this week. It's a festival about the caves that run under the city centre.

There are meant to be hundreds of them. There's a lot of them you can visit. The most well known is Mortimer's Hole, which was a secret route into the castle.

There is a virtual reality tour of them, where you wear some special goggles and can explore this underworld, without leaving the confines of the marquee.

I didn't get the opportunity of doing it today. But hope to sometime this week.

Of course my mate Tim, who is Nottingham's official Robin Hood was there to promote the event. Lots of visitors kept coming up to him for a photograph and to say hello.

A photographer from our local paper, the Nottingham Post was there to capture the event for its readers.

Here's Tim posing for the camera. I'll expect to see him on the front cover of tomorrow's edition.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Blue, Blue. Electric Blue

There was an event in the Old Market Square today promoting the advantages of electric vehicles, like this Nissan Leaf

Various makes of cars were on show, together with a local bus operated by Nottingham City Council.

Due to the rain, there weren't that many people about to see what was on offer. I bumped into a photographer that I know who was taking some publicity photos for the council.

I just wonder if rain and electric cars are really meant to mix. But I suppose the rubber tyres will protect you from being electrocuted, should water get in the batteries!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Double Trouble

I was on a training course today & when I came out of the training centre, it started raining very gently at first, before it got heavier.

But I didn't immediately run for cover, as I noticed a double rainbow in the sky. Not the first time that I've seen one, but the first time that I took a photo of one.

Although one of the rainbow's colours are quite strong, it's a shame that the other one isn't so pronounced. Still it was good to get to see one at all.

Fortunately the rain didn't last that long, and it was a sunny journey back home.

Monday, 10 October 2016

The Night Closes In

I was out and about today, but didn't come across anything worth taking a photo of.

But on the way home, I cycle over a small bridge which spans the canal, and I just happen to notice that some sunset coloured clouds were being reflected in the water. So that's my photo of the day.

There won't be much more early evening photography, with the clocks going back at the end of the month by an hour, so it's dark at 4pm.  I'm dreading those long dark nights which last until next March.

Wish I could hibernate!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Nature Art

I visited my local library this morning for the last time in 2016. Not because I'm leaving Beeston, but because the library is closing for nearly a year, so it can go through a £1,000,000 upgrade.

It's having a new roof and windows, and they are going to re-introduce the front entrance, which was blocked up many years ago. There's also going to be new shelving and hopefully a performance area for visiting musicians etc.

Leaving, I noticed a trail of stones on the wall surrounding the library. On closer inspection, I could see that someone had made, what I take to be a fish out of a leaf from a laurel bush and some stones.

I guess that it had been created by one, or some of the children that go the the adjacent Round Hill School. It's quite artistic, so I thought I would record it for posterity.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Golden Days

Quite a sunny day today, except when I was getting ready to leave work and cycle home, when the heavens opened, and the rain came teeming down.

Fortunately it wasn't around for very long and so I could start my journey home. There was a small rainbow in the sky, but nothing really worth taking a photo of.

By the time I had reached Highfields, the grey clouds had disappeared and there was a great sunset to enjoy, as my photo of the lake and the university shows.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Tentative View

It's back. The Spiegeltent is making a welcome return to the city centre. They started putting together the building yesterday and it opens at the weekend, with shows that go on for the next seven days.

The travelling entertainment space made it's first visit this time last year. Of course I blogged about it, and you can read what I put by clicking on this link.

I will be popping in one lunchtime next week to see if it looks the same as it did in 2015.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A Touch Of Pink

A stroll up to the castle today, as I haven't been in a while. Despite the warmth, it has been a bit of an overcast day.

As autumn is rapidly approaching, I was surprised to see some, what I think are crocuses growing in the castle grounds. I find this a bit odd, as I've always thought that they were a spring flower. An indication that winter is saying goodbye. But sadly we are having to face the cold weather and dark nights once again for half the year.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Best Buddies

My lunchtime amble took me down Hockley today. It's a good area for shopping, people watching and events.

Unfortunately none of those things happened whilst I was there, but I did notice this photograph on the pavement that had been thrown away for some reason.

I casually picked it up to see if there was any names on the back. There wasn't. Only the word 'Agfa', just to prove that it was a real photo.

So I wonder who these two girls are, when it was taken, and how their picture ended up on  the pavement of a Nottingham Street?

They are probably school or college friends. Possibly taken several years ago, when thin eyebrows were popular. Now girls have brows that look like they were painted on with a bingo dobber. Thick lines. I don't think it's a good look at all, but women keep doing it. Why?